Harri Alun Williams

Culinary Association of Wales
Head Chef - Carden Park Hotel

Harri Alun Williams is an accomplished chef with a passion for culinary excellence and a diverse range of experiences in the hospitality industry. His journey began at the renowned Castle Hotel in Conwy, where he had the privilege of working under the guidance of Graham Tinsley MBE. It was here that Harri honed his skills and developed a strong foundation in the culinary arts.

Seeking to further expand his expertise, Harri moved to the prestigious Carden Park Hotel in Cheshire to focus on pastry. This allowed him to refine his pastry skills and explore the art of creating delectable desserts and pastries.

With a desire to explore new horizons, Harri embarked on an exciting adventure and joined the 5-star Ellenborough Park in Cheltenham. Here, he had the opportunity to showcase his culinary talents in a luxurious setting, serving discerning guests with his exceptional creations.

Eager to broaden his international experience, Harri ventured to Sydney, Australia, to work at the renowned Opera House under the watchful eye of Celebrity Chef Matt Morran. This iconic venue provided him with a unique platform to showcase his skills and work in a truly remarkable setting.

Returning to England, Harri took up the position of Sous Chef and later Head Chef at the Lion and Pheasant Hotel in Shrewsbury. This role allowed him to showcase his creativity and leadership skills, delighting guests with his innovative culinary creations.

For the past six years, Harri has served as the Head Chef at the prestigious Carden Park Hotel in Cheshire. In this role, he has demonstrated his culinary prowess and commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences to guests. His dedication to excellence has earned him recognition and praise within the industry.

Throughout his career, Harri has been an active member of the Culinary Association of Wales. He has represented Wales in numerous culinary competitions around the world, showcasing his skills on an international stage. Notably, Harri achieved great success by winning a gold medal at the World Hospitality competition in Dubai, further solidifying his reputation as a chef of exceptional talent.