Calum Smith

Captain - Junior Culinary Team of Wales
Sous Chef - Shrewsbury Private School

Greetings, I am Calum Smith, currently serving as the Junior Sous Chef at Shrewsbury Private School, a prestigious institution renowned for its commitment to excellence. Simultaneously, I have the privilege of leading the Junior Culinary Team of Wales, a responsibility that further fuels my passion for culinary arts.

Throughout my culinary journey, I have represented Wales in various international competitions, showcasing my skills and dedication on a global stage. I had the honour of competing twice for my country, participating in the highly esteemed Culinary Olympics and the World Cup. Additionally, I had the opportunity to compete individually in the Global Chef competition, where I tested my mettle against talented chefs from around the world. These experiences have been invaluable in shaping my culinary expertise and fostering my growth as a chef.

While I enjoy all aspects of the kitchen, the pastry section holds a special place in my heart. I find great joy and fulfilment in the intricate art of pastry, recognizing that it is an area where continuous learning is essential. The ever-evolving nature of pastry inspires me to push boundaries and experiment with new techniques and flavours.

Looking ahead, my ambitions revolve around further expanding my knowledge and expertise in various styles of catering. I am eager to gain experience in different culinary environments, absorbing different influences and techniques along the way. Ultimately, my long-term aspiration is to establish my own restaurant situated on the picturesque Welsh/Shropshire borders. I envision a dining establishment that reflects my passion for locally sourced ingredients, innovative flavours, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

As I continue to progress in my culinary journey, I remain committed to honing my skills, embracing new challenges, and pushing myself to new heights of creativity. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I have been given thus far, and I eagerly anticipate the future endeavours that will allow me to contribute to the culinary world and leave a lasting impact.